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How does faith fit now that I know this???  In the pursuit of your life and education, there are new ideas that come your way and different ways of thinking about issues all the time. This is the place where we will embrace the challenges of questions and resist the pressure to have all the perfect answers.  

TABLE TALK MEETS >> Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 pm

SLC 3221

If you have a topic suggestion in advance to Melissa at her email here >>>

Each month we will have a theme of talks plus two church traditions that we will explore that will compliment our Church Hopping on the weekend that follows.


1) Welcome Back Dinner & Intro

2) Creation vs. Big Bang

3) Christ the Saviour -- Antiochian Church Tradition

4) Creation Care

June -

1) Faith & Doubt and all lies between part 1

2) Waterloo Mennonite Brethren - Mennonite Church Tradition

3) Faith & Doubt and all lies between part 2

4) Holy Saviour Church -- Anglican Faith Tradition

July -

1) Meaning and Purpose > Part 1

2) Knox Presbyterian Church Tradition

3) Meaning and Purpose > Part 2

4) Creekside Church - Baptist Tradition

Light supper and drinks are provided for your

supper hunger pangs.

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